The Mixer

"The Mixer" is a new 900m2 space located in Unibail-Rodamco’s headquarters in Paris, where startups and Unibail’s employees work together to invent tomorrow’s retail. This working environment was designed by the architecture studio MOC with the purpose of offering a dynamic, stimulant and creative working space for its users. Within this context Softheads´ creative director, Sergio Roger was invited to develop two site-specific installations. For the stairway a door-mat installation was created and for the interiors a new collection of african animals in colorful linens was designed.

Hotel Yurbban

Yurbban Hotel - Softheads
> Picking up antics and stylish accessories, Softheads customised each of the dogs heads for all of the 68 rooms of the Yurbban Hotel in Barcelona. Each room has its own unique Soft dog head.

Collaboration IOU & Softheads 

> (ENG) The IOU Project produces and sells unique, handmade apparel made from textiles handwoven in India, assembled by master craftsmen in Europe.  Together with the IOU team we have arranged a selection of handwoven textiles produced in the southern region of India, known as Madras, to present this new collection. Each piece is unique and it was carefully handcrafted in our studio in Barcelona. This collaboration can be found at Barneys New York.   
> (ESP) The IOU Project produce y comercializa prendas producidas a partir de telas tejidas manualmente en la indía que luego son confeccionadas por artesanos en Europa. Conjuntamente con el quipo de IOU hemos seleccionado una serie de tejidos manufacturados en Madrás, región del sur de la India, para presentar esta nueva colección. Cada pieza es única y ha sido confecionada cuidadosamante en nuestro estudio en Barcelona. Esta colaboración puede encontrarse en Barneys New York.

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Mural for L´EGGS 

> A project commissioned by the interior design studio and store AZUL TIERRA for the new restaurant of the renowned Spanish chef Paco Perez, located in Barcelona´s iconic luxury shopping avenue, Passeig de Gràcia. Barcelona - September 2013
> Softheads collaborates with legendary Barcelona design store Vinçon to create a line of exclusive products adapted to their philosophy and style. Barcelona -since May 2013
> At a workshop which took place at Victorio & Lucchinos´s store in Madrid, participants were helped to design their own Softhead. Asked to bring jackets, handkerchiefs or any piece of clothing they liked, these were transformed into a customised textile hunting trophy. Madrid - April 2013
> For a commission for Chic & Basic ZOO HOTEL, located in Barcelona´s Born Quarter, Softheads designed three special pieces for the Hotel lobby. Barcelona - January 2013
> Softheads was selected to become one of Victorio & Lucchino´s featured brands at their new concept store in Madrid. Our pieces decorate this elegant shop and are also available for purchase.
> We collaborate closely with Barcelona´s cutting-edge design store and studio. Studiostore organises exhibitions, conferences and other activities which promote the work of local artists and designers.

Hotel Ritz-Palace                                                                

> Barcelona´s Hotel Ritz-Palace commisioned Softheads a special piece for the renovation of a private Lounge. The space was formally used as a room where  famous bull-fighters who  were hosted in the hotel got dressed up before the fight. The hotel asked for a bull´s head  in order to establish a link with the history of the room. Barcelona - May 2012
> Group exhibition Galería Esther Montoriol were Softheads first had the opportunity to show publically its work to the audience. Barcelona  - December 2011